Cubicles and Dividers

Space Saving Ideas at Money Saving Prices

Need to create privacy and separation in your office? We can help you create an environment that promotes productivity in your workplace. Whether you just need a divider or two, or more complete workstations, we will work with you to design the best solution at the very best price. Check some ideas on pages 110-121 of our comprehensive E Catalog.

  • Panels with full fabric, combination tiles, glass, metal, wood grain
  • Built in storage solutions
  • Display dividers
  • Office cubicles with self-contained powered raceways
  • Add on privacy screens
  • Accordion room dividers
  • Basic partitons to use along with existing furniture
  • Mobile room dividers
  • Many other solutions
Three-way cubicles
Cubicles with a black border
Square cubicles
Three-way cubicle with a laptop on top
Cubicles side to side with a light blue wallpaper
Brown and gray cubicles with a brown wallpaper
Cubicles with brown chairs
Gray cubicles with a wood background
Marked up divider
Two cubicles side by side
two cubicles with brown flooring
Blue room dividers